Our Vision

Classic Dyestuffs is a quality-driven company and we are continually improving our processes. By focusing on our customers’ needs, we have become the market leader in dye selection and contract dye services.

We are constantly working to improve our communities and act as ethical corporate citizens by pursing safety in all of our business practices.

We treat our employees with respect and create an enjoyable work environment. We empower our employees and delegate decision-making to the most knowledgeable people. We expect our employees to continually increase their knowledge and upgrade their skills so they can adapt to rapidly changing technology and procedures.

Our Values

We know that things work better when we all work together toward a common goal. That’s why we forge working partnerships with our employees, our communities, our suppliers and – most importantly – our customers. By always working together, the optimal solution to most challenging opportunities can be obtained.

Our Goals

We want to exceed your expectations in every area of our business – beginning with the initial assessment of your needs, continuing through every step of your implementation and ending with the essential follow-up to evaluate your success.