Customer Service Laboratory

Latest Dyeing Technology

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to evaluate and control a variety of elements with great accuracy. These properties include, but are not limited to, the strength, shade and physical properties of our products.

Classic Dyestuffs offers a full range of commercial dyestuffs. All incoming dyes are evaluated using a variety of substrates and under tightly controlled conditions to most accurately duplicate the customers’ individual applications.


Custom Shade Matching

Two state-of-the-art Datacolor Spectrophotometers allow us to complete evaluations and shade matching quickly and accurately by using either reflectance values of dyed substrates or transmission values of dye solutions.

Classic Dyestuffs uses the latest Datacolor Dye Evaluation and Shade Matching Software to ensure our products meet your criteria.

datacolor 2


 Technical Support
Our laboratory chemists are ready to offer any technical support you might need – regardless of how great or small.