Quality Assurance

Classic Dyestuffs maintains on-site quality control over all products and raw materials — from start to finish. We can accurately control the strength, shade and physical properties of our dyes to guarantee you consistent, repeatable results every time.

We have a full-time Manager of Environmental Health & Safety and offer high-level analysis of dyes and chemicals to help you find alternative products and processes that conserve valuable resources and energy while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Convenient Packaging

Our products are supplied in a variety of standard packages specifically chosen for:

  • Easy dispensing by the customer
  • Safe storage, shipping and handling
  • Sound environmental practices
  • Good economy

We pack our dyes in a variety of containers and sizes to meet your exact requirements.

  • Plastic containers
  • Fiber containers
  • Boxes
  • Bags (any size package)
  • Water Soluble Packaging

We offer re-packing using digital scales for accurate, consistent measurements. All labeling is done according to customer specifications and can be custom designed for each customer.