Contract Dye Services

Dye Processing
Our manufacturing facility includes blenders, grinders and sifters that can handle both powder and liquid dyes. All scales are digital for accurate, consistent measurements. We have the capability to process in excess of 60 tons of dye each day.

    • Dry Blending
    • Screening
    • Grinding
    • De-dusting
    • Drying


Dyes can be packed in plastic containers, fiber containers, or boxes depending on your needs. All labeling is done according to customer specifications and can be custom designed for each customer.

    • Re-Packing
    • Bagging (Any size package)
    • Laboratory Services
    • Our laboratory chemists are ready to offer any technical support you might need – regardless of how great or small.
    • Shade Matching
    • Textile Fastness Tests
    • Powder Dye Filtration Tests
    • Product Illustration Brochures
    • Competitive Product Comparisons


Most dye orders and contract mixes are shipped the day they are received to customers around the world.